About Us

The Population Press is a publication of BLUE PLANET UNITED, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and grassroots action on issues of environment, population, and sustainability.


BLUE PLANET UNITED is a public-benefit non-profit organization that helps people make connections between population stabilization, sustainable consumption, and the preservation of wild landscapes and seascapes. We create educational films, web sites, and print publications that foster environmental awareness and action to save the last great wild places of this tiny blue planet.


We envision a world where:

  • every child is wanted, and where families are created by choice — not chance;
  • access to education, health care, and meaningful work is available to every person;
  • the great gap between rich and poor is narrowed, not widened;
  • people do not have to abandon their homeland for political, economic or environmental reasons;
  • democratic values and civil society flourish;
  • progress is based on genuine wellbeing — not increasing consumption;
  • the United States exercises the leadership and foresight necessary to ensure the prosperity, environmental health and security of our shared world;
  • sustainable human numbers exist in balance with other species, and with the environment and natural resources that sustain us all.


We support:

  • sustainable communities: social equity, economic prosperity, and ecological integrity
  • a redefinition of progress based on genuine well being, not increasing consumption
  • economic empowerment, equal rights and equal education for women
  • informed, accessible, and voluntary family planning for all
  • natural resource and energy conservation, and sustainable agriculture
  • a national conversation toward a fair and equitable United States Population Policy, based on the best available demographic data and sound science
  • policies and programs designed to stabilize population at a level sustainable for the long-term future.

Make a tax-deductable donation to Blue Planet United:

The Population Press
PO Box 7918
Redlands, CA 92375
email: info@populationpress.org

3 responses to “About Us

  1. looking for a copy of David Pimentel, “How many Americans can the Earth support?”, Population Press, 1999: : Can I get from you?

  2. James Nation

    Blue Planet United’s vision and goals are right on target. What’s not to love?

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